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DIY: Replacement Electronic Control System for Soft Heat Saunas Now Available

  Today we renovated a Soft Heat Sauna. Original problem was that the unit just would not heat up. After testing the system I determined that the Electronic Control box had failed. After some research, I found out that Soft Heat the sauna manufacturer had gone out of business and no parts were available. I then contacted several manufactures and found one that one built a system that would directly replace the Soft Heat Electronic Control Box and Digital Display Panel, while reusing the original power supply cord, limit switch and lamps.
This System saved the customer a lot of money since they did not have to pay for new lamps and labor to retrofit the existing ones. All the lamps plug in exactly the same way to the Control Box and the smaller Digital Display Panel comes with a 5" wide by 7" tall Adapter Plate to fit the existing Control Panel hole. Mount the new Temperature Probe, plug the cord into the power supply and it was back to enjoying the sauna. Contact Spa Tec or Click for further details on how you can obtain this replacement System. Happy Hot Sauna! Jeff at

Original Control Panel
New Control Panel. Click to Enlarge.
New Control Box with Digital Control Panel and Adapter Plate. Click to Enlarge.
Lamp Plug Connections View. Click to Enlarge.
Power Supply View. Click to Enlarge. Available in 120 volt and 240 volt input.


Jim neigum
03/03/2015 5:38pm

I am in need if a new control panel for our sift heat sauna midel SC102 Duet could you let me know rhe new control panel cost and shipping. Thanks

03/06/2015 8:38am

Hi Jim, Original Soft Heat control panels are not available any more. We offer repair or a complete replacement system to get your sauna working again. Contact us by phone or email for further details, we would be happy to help.

Terry Langlois
02/09/2016 7:48pm

I have a soft heat infrared sauna model SF 104 would your replacement kit work? I also live in British Columbia Canada do you ship outside the US and could you give a price for the kit I need.



02/10/2016 8:52am

Hi Terry,
Yes, the Control System will replace the original controls for the SF 104 and it's simple to install. All the original cords match the receptacles including the power cord so it's basically plug and play to set up. The Control System also comes with new short cords for the heaters, reading light(s) and limit switch if needed.
The current price is on this page (copy and paste into your browser)
We can ship outside the USA, just need your full address to determine shipping costs. You will also need to pay Canadian Tax on your end.
Let me know if I can help,

richard brown
03/24/2016 8:08pm

am trying to get the control unit for model number sf151

05/03/2016 8:05am

Hi Richard, You can contact us at


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