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Kohler Spa still going strong after 33 years in operation

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Today was a vintage day. A service call came in for what I was told was an older Kohler Spa inside a home in North West Grand Rapids. To my surprise it was older in fact it was probably the oldest residential Kohler Spa I have had the pleasure to work on. A "Kohler Super Spa" was the factory name custom installed in 1980 from a local plumbing company. I know 1980 wasn't that long ago but it was for the Spa industry and the start of the soon to be Portable Hot Tub manufacturing boom times. This Spa was not portable meaning it was not a one piece unit that could be moved, hooked up electrically and filled with a garden hose.  Yes spas can be and still are installed this way today. The shell is one piece but had to be installed into a floor or deck, inside or outside,  to be stable. The equipment (Pumps, Filter, Heater and Controls) were installed in another location, this one had it's equipment in the basement beneath the unit with the necessary plumbing pipes attached. One of the most unique features of this unit was the Optional Table that was mounted to the main water pump suction assembly in the bottom of the tub. The repairs needed were some tweeking to the function control relays, which run the jets and bubbles, and the Heater had a limit sensor problem which was taken care of. I did find out from the owner that he had spent $4000.00 in 1980 to have this unit installed.
Happy Hot Tubbin! Jeff D,

Check out an Original Advertisement below.

1981 Advertisement for KOHLER Super Spa



At the edge of your imagination lies a new frontier of comfort. The Super Spa. Installed indoors or out, with optional fixed or floating teakwood table. A practical alternative to a swimming pool, serving as both hot tub and whirlpool. Shown in Sequoia, one of a variety of exciting colors. For those who prefer their comfort with a different slant. Kohler's Spa Ville D'eau features a chaise lounge and modified triangular form with gently contoured sides. For a full-color catalog, contact your Kohler dealer listed in the Yellow Pages or send one dollar to: Kohler Company, Dept. SPA AH4, Kohler, Wisconsin 53044.



Adrian DesJardins
06/15/2015 2:36pm

Jeff, my name is Adrian and I have this exact same tub pictured here. Do you have any resources for parts on these old tubs? Mine looks equally as nice as the one in the picture but has some leaky jets. In an attempt to seal them i broke one of them off and need to find some replacements. Any help you could lend would be very greatly appreciated.

06/18/2015 7:32am

Hi Adrian, I have replacement jets from a different manufacture. They look almost identical, they are white with a directional nozzle and have 1 1/2" pipe connections. Let me know how many you are looking for. Thanks Jeff

Kenneth Sans
05/02/2016 4:43pm

Hi Jeff, I stumbled upon this site while looking for replacement spa jet gaskets. I also have a similar Kohler Spa except the model was the smaller Spa Ville D'eau.
I would greatly appreciate any help with replacement spa jet gaskets. I am not sure what company manufactured the parts for Kohler that is used in my spa but hopeful to find the necessary replacements. It is a great spa they I installed in the early 80's. Have changed the pumps etc but it is still going strong. I live in NY State so not very local to you.

Thank you,
Ken Sans

05/03/2016 8:12am

Hi Ken, Today we don't use gaskets behind the flanges. IWe use 100% Silicone in clear color on the back side of the flange and some on the threads. After tightening the flange into the jet body we wipe the excess silicone up with paper towel and allow to dry. Best Regards Jeff


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