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Tile problems can be eliminated with the correct products for installation

Completed Tile Repair
  Some tiles were missing from this cement pool and spa combo which really looks bad.
  Spa Tec was originally called for service on the functions of the spa not working. After completion, we were asked "Do we know anyone that would repair the tiles that were missing". I replied that Spa Tec has been repairing tile for quite some time and would be happy to remedy the situation. In looking more closely at the repairs needed I soon realized that the tile has been repaired before with caulking that was not holding up well essentially that was the problem. The homeowner said "The tiles are repaired about every other year and it's time again". I described what I was finding and advised the owner that inferior products were previously used here and that's why the problem returns. If the correct products are used to set and grout the tile problem areas will be gone.  Happy Hot Tubbin, Jeff D. -



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