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Whirlpool (Jetted) or air bath tub equipment access panels make service possible.
Click to enlarge. Jacuzzi Fuzion Dual 7260 Salon Luxury Bath.
Gorgeous two person Jacuzzi Model - Fuzion with dual pumps and LCD programmable controls.
 Whirlpool (jetted) bath tub equipment will need service someday and planning ahead saves the owner and technician a major hassle to accomplish the repair required to make the unit functional again.
 Access to the equipment and plumbing on this Jacuzzi in Jenison, MI. was very well thought out on this unit. I particularly liked the front tub access - removable panel. The two plastic access panels in the bedroom wall were sufficient for this repair, however I would recommend another completely removable wall panel painted the wall color to blend in. The panel could be particle board with trim that has hidden screws for removal.
 Future service possibilities could include: Electrical surge(spike) type damage, Varmint damage, Mechanical parts failure and Leaks of all types.
 From Spa Tec's point of view complete access is a must and anything less was not a well planned installation. A little spent now will save a lot later. This homeowner's access plan worked out great. 
 As the new owner of such a luxurious unit or any unit with plumbed features, whether your installing it or having it installed, consult the manufactures installation manual and take it to the next level for your own piece of mind in the future...
Happy Hot Tubbin, Jeff D. -

Jacuzzi Chromatherapy Lighting system.
Jacuzzi J5 LCD Control Panel.
Jacuzzi front access a technician could not ask for more.
Jacuzzi rear access panels provided in a bedroom wall make further access possible. This home owner was thinking.
Jacuzzi view thru a plastic access panel.


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