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Bring the life back to your hot tub opposed to bearing the expense to replace it.

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 This mid 90's constructed hot tub had seen better days: Non functional, un level and just plain old. The homeowner had a problem.
  Spa Tec has the ability to renovate the unit for about one half the cost of replacing it, or remove it and rebuild the deck with "No hot tub anymore" was on the table.
  With the homeowners consent the job at hand was started and completed with in 30 days which includes a couple weeks lead time for orders to arrive. It turned out great.
  Job details: Remove and replace outdated equipment with 2012 state of the art digital electronic driven control system, new higher efficiency water pump, new shut off valves unions and pipe works (insulated), reuse the forced air blower and ozone sterilizer which had been replaced a few years back and tested good, enclose and weatherproof all equipment in a self contained custom made, treated lumber compartment under the deck with a new substantial access door in the deck floor to accommadate easy entry. Remove all wood skirting, re level vessel and surrounding deck structure with new support posts, replace skirting with Trex transcend brand composite decking in their "Lava rock" color which was chosen by the homeowner. Custom size and color order of a new "Made for Michigan" climate spa cover. Install spa cover lift assistant for simple operation. Update power supply breaker to meet code with a Ground Fault circuit breaker (GFCI) for safety and inspect the supply wiring which passed. Fill and test for use/ pass. Orientate homeowner on new system operation and admire the smile on their face.
Happy Hot Tubbin, Jeff D. -

Not working,unlevel and rotten wood definitely needs help.
A new cover is on order custom made to fit.
View of Trex composite cabinet and new cover with lift.
Spa cover lifts are a must have. Benefits include: ease of operation and the biggest factor is any water inside the cover completely drains out for long cover life.


James Davis
12/26/2012 7:30pm

I am the homeowner. Jeff first did work for me several years ago when the installer of our hot tub did not want to service it. The pump and controls for the tub were under the deck and hard to get to. They decided they did not want to mess with the job. I contacted Jeff and he repaired the tub without any complaints.

When refurbishing our hot tub Jeff did a fantastic job from start to finish. I was thinking we were going to need to install a new hot tub. Since our tub was still in great condition Jeff suggested we update everything on the system that was showing it's age - pump, controller, heater, cover, leveling it with new boards along the sides. What a fantastic job Jeff did and his recommendations were right on. He saved us thousands of dollars - thank you Jeff.

Jeff is a man of integrity that desires to do the job right. He will stick with you through making sure you are pleased with the job. I highly recommend Jeff to take care of your spa needs.


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