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  Some repair jobs are just inspirational to me. I always appreciate how beautiful Michigan is. However, this would be a top ten for me, relaxing and admiring Lake Michigan while soaking in a perfect running 100 plus degree Jacuzzi with a glass of wine and an approaching sunset.
  Pictures never can completely capture the overall visual contentment I felt while working on this unit, let alone the sounds of cresting waves and wildlife songs in the back ground were like music to my ears.
  After the job was completed I walked a short distance to the edge of the dune grass seen in the photo and was surprised to see at least a 150' drop down to the sandy shoreline. Yes, the owner did have a  winding staircase to access the beach.
  View looking west from Muskegon, MI.
  Job details: Electronics replacement due to electrical surge caused by wind damage  to the homes power supply lines. Not only was the hot tub damaged but inside the house had major appliance, video and audio damage as well.
Happy Hot Tubbin, Jeff D. -