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Jacuzzi originally installed with out access to equipment

 Spa Tec was called into action for an older jetted bath tub that had leaked and ruined the drywall ceiling below it. Upon arrival I felt the disappointment that had taken place, which was described to me from the contractor hired to rectify the situation. He also asked if this happens a lot? I explained that I have been repairing all brands of whirlpool, jetted and air bathtubs for a great many years and no it does not happen allot, but when there is a leak it's a big problem. 

  The drywall ceiling in a garage below the tub was crumbled and what hadn't fell was sagging in quite a large area under the tub. This was a mess in deed. The contractor cut out a large area of the ceiling and the wood sub-floor under the tub which was in need of replacement. 

 Prior to calling Spa Tec, the contractor had a plumber out to figure out what happened and the plumber explained to him that the faucet and drain were okay and that's as far as he goes. He said to call a Jacuzzi repair company. They got our number from a local plumbing distributor.

 After my initial inspection of the unit, I explained to the contractor and the owner, who was now home, that a pump union had cracks in it and was the cause of the leak. Replacing the union and the necessary plumbing fittings was impossible to reach thru the access hole in the ceiling below. The tub was completely encased in beautiful marble with no access to the equipment in the bathroom and the only way to re-plumb it was to cut out some marble. The homeowners jaw dropped and his eyes rolled back into his head after a moment of silence he said ok. I explained to him after the repair was made and water tested the marble should be installed with 100% sanded silicone in the color needed, for setting it and grouting the joints so if access was needed again some day the marble could be removed with a razor blade.

 I do not blame the original installer for not supplying access in the bathroom due to the layout and who wants to look at an access panel in a completely marble encased tub. The ceiling damage beneath the tub is going to be reconstructed with an access panel which I do recommend, so the underside of the tub could be inspected for problems before they get out of hand. If your the proud owner of such a fine bath having your tub inspected periodically by trained eyes is worth not having big problems later.

Happy Hot Tubbin, Jeff D.

View of tub and shower.
View of access hole cut into marble.
The repair was able to be completed thru this hole.
I like the fill spout.